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For the Love of Apps

Appcano was established in 2022 to craft interactive apps to the mobile world.

After years of using the trial and error method, our team has discovered our own lane in the ever growing app industry. And in our opinion, we're here to stay. Not just to hangout and collect a few downloads here and there, but to make eruptions that will pave an island in the app world that our apps will flourish on forever. The past ten years the foundation has been pouring, which took numerous truck loads of concrete (hard work). Now that this elegant rose has cracked through the side walk, we plan to build a skyscraper worth of apps. Why limit ourselves to the sky? The sky might be the limit for most, yet Appcano will not be like "most." 50 years from now, an Appcano app will have been downloaded by every other person on the planets. As the world adapts, so will we. Our determined team will start on mobile phones and pivot our charting apps to whatever the tech world decides to throw at us. Appcano is excited and determined to provide our 110% to the users, so check out our current apps and join the ride!

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The world has changed significantly since technology continues to grow, so why shouldn't the work place improve? At Appcano, all the positions are completely remote, allowing the whole team to have the freedom to spend the majority of their time living their dreams. Our dream is to spend time with our family, travel, laugh, and build apps. 

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.

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