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Location: Remote
Employment Type: Contract

What You’ll Do

You practice how you play in the game. Everyday is a game day at Appcano. The whole team brings their best efforts always. We can't control the amount of creative thoughts that flow through our cerebral, although the factor that is controllable is effort.

Right intention, with an open mind that is eager to learn from one another is crucial at Appcano. We, as a team, are here to help each one of us build their own prosperous island in life. This is accomplished through positive reinforcement and listening conversations. The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. Be ready to make a difference through high quality apps.

Who You Are

I think, therefore, I am. You are who you are. Embrace your true self and bring that uniqueness to the virtual table in our meetings. Be inspired by others thoughts that are easily digestible through online content, but remain you. We all stray from the path, and those missteps are another brick to our beautiful building. Mistakes are the best teachers.

You are one who faces failure the same way you face success, with a learning mind. Both failure and success stretch our minds for potential growth the same way muscles grow being strained in both directions. You use these moments to learn and help the team with your new found knowledge.

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